There is the time your kid will see you falling with face in a luminous great screen with beautiful colors. The kid will want to do the same!

Your smartphone, your laptop screen, or the computer, will be the candy your kid will want unavoidably. You can be strict, but in most of the times your will give in. Eventually your kid will hold your bright screen in their hands and you will be amazed of how clever it is, even when one and a half years old, when it will find the YouTube app and change videos on their own. Then, the problems start. You discover that you have to enable YouTube restricted mode (last updated in June 2017) to filter some videos that your kid shouldn’t see. Is it enough?

Here is a personal story of mine. I was watching my own daughter when she was two, taking her daily half an hour YouTube session. Peppa Pig was great. Learning colors and letters were great. But, somehow, among them, she was exposed to videos completely inappropriate for my taste. Apparently, it is not only me: BBC Trending acknowledged recently the problem. The simple solution: deny her access to YouTube. Is it the best solution? There are so many great educational and funny videos she could learn from.

I tried to find a block or black-list option in the YouTube app but with no success. I kept asking myself: Why it is not there? I searched forums and I found myself among others having the same issue. YouTube does not offer such a feature like to block specific videos at the individual level. You can report videos as inappropriate but the final decision is left to the Algorithm and applies to all YouTube users. It is either black (blocked for all the Internet population) or white (available to everyone). No personalization according to your preferences and priorities for your kid, not even at a country or culture level!

I did an informal survey with local parents to see if they have faced similar issues. The confirmed that the YouTube recommendations often include videos which they preferred their kids not to watch. Each parent has a different taste of what is inappropriate for their child and each family has different standards.

And this is how BeYourKid was born. We offer a solution you can use to control what your kid sees on YouTube or even on other channels. And it is personalized. We offer a mobile application your kid can use and make YouTube safer:

  • Monitoring features and alerts when your kid sees something inappropriate
  • You can block specific videos so your kid never sees it again and leave a comment/tag so other parents get noticed
  • Get matched with other parents and follow lists including specific videos appropriate for your child
  • Recommendations based on your blocks, watch history and locale
  • You can characterize any URL if it has something inappropriate
  • Reports based on various metrics
  • Funny games you can play with your kids

BeYourKid is launching in 2017. We offer heavily discounted access for early adopters like you. To benefit from it, be sure to signup now and receive notifications of its development and early-access to our solution. Your feedback will be heard.

Join us and let’s make a better digital world for our kids!

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