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What is BeYourKid?

BeYourKid is a smart YouTube-wrapping application for mobile devices, tablets and smart TVs your kids can safely use to watch their favorite videos. BeYourKid ensures that the kids are not exposed to inappropriate content; the parents decide for the content their kids will watch.

BeYourKid brings the parents back to the driving seat and empowers them to make decisions about their own kids. It allows parents to directly exclude what they consider inappropriate, and to make their own video collection for their beloved kids to watch.

With BeYourKid platform the caring parents can:

  • directly exclude what they consider to be inappropriate
  • make their own video collection for their children to watch
  • use the safe playlists already provided by BeYourKid

Use BeYourKid to have peace in mind when your kids are watching YouTube videos without your immediate supervision!

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